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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this area. here's a look at video we shot earlier today where the water has been high along pretty much all day. people going through very, very carefully. some other areas, reports of high water including glover park, in fredrik virginia river road near brad road, broad run where the road is partially blocked due to high water. with all of the rain that we've been getting, we actually have set a new record for daily rainfall today. so far we've recorded 1.92 inches of rain. so far we've received .98 inches of rain. almost an inch here. here's a look back, and the cars are going very slowly some
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of the leaves blacking the gutter. everyone take it easy out there. >> what a mess. looks like all of those records will be in the bank before all is said and done thirty degrees in oakland, still in the 50s from d.c. back to you, guys. all right. we'll count on you to keep us posted. we have more breaking news out of northwest d.c. thousands of protesters taking to the streets today, targeting firms and snarling traffic. >> a little bit rested and now the gridlock is finally starting to ease some. delia goncalves is working the story. she joins us live out in the rain with more. delia? >> reporter: leslie, the gridlock slowly easing up, as you mentioned. the roads open an hour ago for the evening commute.
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this by today's rain, tons of activity in the area. we had two different groups making one very area. we had the occupy folks, and then thousands around the country fighting for jobs with our d.c. . >> [ chanting ]. >> reporter: cell phone video inside capital tax partnership shows nearly a thousand people unemployed and union reps rallying. >> we want democracy. let's go. >> reporter: the group with out lie d.c. leaves mcpherson square, and accompanied by police, they march through the streets of downtown. >> have rights as u.s. citizens. so let them do what they do. until they reach the pedestra group, the lobby firm of former chief of staff john poe tells doe. and blocked away more demonstrators marching up from the mall, all converging on kay
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street. now both groups, our d.c. and occupy d.c. command about create road blocks that last for several hours. >> i came all the way from wisconsin. >> why? >> why? to protest. congress needs to make some sense. >> i'm actually here to make a difference. they want to work. there's just no good jobs out here for residents. >> reporter: and then the standoff. >> the third and final warning. police move in to arrest 11 protesters, including this pastor from chicago. >> until we have a system where everybody gets a seat at the table and their bellies are full and their children are educated and their homes are secure, i will keep risking mousse for justice. >> reporter: and police tell us the 11 arrested were all charged with obstructing a
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public highway. lesley? >> delia, thank you. former penn state coach jerry sandusky has been arrested again. drew levinson reports sandusky now facing 12 new charges after two new young men came forward to report that he sexually abused them. >> reporter: police walked jerry sandusky from his home wearing handcuffs. the former penn state football coach now faces charges of abusing two young boys. that brings the number of alleged victims to 10. before the arrest, sandusky's attorney responded to reports that another accuser has come forward. >> jerry has denied the allegations as he has the original allegations. but we're hoping we'll get more information as we proceed. >> reporter: sandusky went on record after the initial allegations denying the charges while admitting he was very physical with many boys even
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sleeping with them alone in hotel rooms, showering with them and touching their legs. sandusky said it was completely innocent. >> a lot of people find it inappropriate, but it's not criminal to get a shower. in fact, i think the way jerry has described it, the kids with who he was showering was like his own kids. he treated them like his own kids, and jerry didn't feel he was doing anything wrong in getting showers with them. >> the accuseers allegedly met sandusky through his charity for underprivileged kids. a source close to the investigation tells cbs news that five of them are expected to testify at sandusky's preliminary hearing next week. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >> now, sandusky was arraigned in court this afternoon. the district judge set the bail at $250,000 cash. they'll have to come up with all of the money in order to get out of jail; even if he does he has to wear an angle monitor. a decision that shocked some in the health world was made this afternoon not to
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allow the plan b morning after pill to move to the drugstore shelf. today the nation's secretary pulled the plug on access to the crucial pill. the nation's health secretary has stopped the morning after pill from being more widely distributed. kathy sebelius overruled the plan that would have allowed plan b contraception be pulled over the counter to all women. instead teenagers under 17 will still need a prescription to buy it. the moves disappoint women's health advocates. >> as an ob-gyn and father of a daughter, i find this decision to be really mind-boggling. makes no sense whatsoever. >> plan b can prevent pregnancy if taken within three days of unprotected sex. sebelius said the dug is safe and effective; but is concerned younger girls don't understand how to use it. conservatives applaud her decision. >> we think removing that screening and that interaction with the medical professional
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is not in the interest of young women's health. >> the company that makes plan b had hoped with the fda's approval it could put the pills on store shelves, but now they will stay behind the pharmacist counter. plan b contains a higher dose of the father row moan progestin widely used in regular birth control pills for decades. . the it blocks a potentially fertilized egg from being implanted in a women's uterus, but some activists believe it terminates a pregnancy. >> a local high school student is recovering from stab wounds after she tried to help a friend who was getting attacked in a school parking lot. the violence broke out after a basketball game in silver spring. last night andrea mccar ron joins us now from blair high school where the victim is a student. andrea? >> reporter: that's right, leslie. the 17-year-old blair, sr., is going to be okay. thankfully she did not suffer from life-threatening injuries.
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>> reporter: reuben gilbert -- when he heard that a girl from montgomery, blair was stabbed. >> we all went back and saw the girl if it was crazy. >> reporter: students carried letters home explaining the out burst of violence that brought police to this parking lot at the high school, and they also heard an announcement from their principal. >> was proud to be our principal of the high school, and we didn't have any involvement in it. it was just kennedy. >> reporter: according to police, the victim is a student at montgomery high school also in silver springs. she was attending the basketball game at northwood during which an argument broke out. >> probably something like -- >> reporter: the simmering dispute boiled over in the parking lot. >> when she left the building, she observed one of her female friends already engaged in an altercation with several other female students. she tried to quell the fight by stepping in. at that time she got stabbed by
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an unknown female. >> reporter: tonight police are looking for two female suspects, both high school students. neither at school today. a spokesman told us: "we are upset. this is not acceptable behavior." andrea mckaren, 9 news now. back to you. today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, and veterans are marking the day in hawaii, as they always do, at the memorial on the island of oahu. dignitaries marked the actual moment pearl harbor was attacked, 7:55 a.m.; but this year's memorial is bittersweet. there are fewer pearl harbor survivors licking, and the association is disbanding at the end of the year. here in washington, the navy marked the 70th anniversary today with a wreath- laying ceremony at the memorial. the japanese attack on u.s.
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forces killed almost 3,000 americans and, of course, brought this country in to world war ii. a wreath was laid down on the mall. coming up at 5:30, why today's lunch menu at one prominent school spark some controversy. well, heavy rain is build in the metro area. let me show you live doppler 9000. hooking at heavy rain east of town into howard county. those are the temperatures, 53 in hagerstown, 46 in -- in prince george's county, why some people think jack johnson got a harsh prison sentence because he's black and why a leading man law professor says they are wrong.
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the district attorney said the incidents happened too long to be charged. >> for the on problem for the statute of limitations, their allegations would have resulted in the arrest of bernie fine, at least with a misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse in the third-degree. >> the da's office is angry that an audiotape of one of the users recorded years ago was never brought to the proper authorities. on that tape fine's wife acknowledged her husband's sexual abuse in speaking with an interviewer. fine denize all of those allegations. the former governor of illinois is headed to jail. a judge sentenced rob black to 14 years in prison today.
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>> this is a time for me to be strong for the children. >> black pleaded for mercy telling judge he never intended to break the law, but admitted to terrible mistakes, and said else sorry. the judge gave him until february 16th to report to prison. >> his stiff sentence notwithstanding some supporters of county executive jack johnson said his 7-year prison sentence would have been lighter if he were white. with him to be sentenced later this week, we report on the issue of race and justice simmering in the background of the johnson corruption case. >> race and justice not a subject that's new to executive jack johnson. in fact, he's overheard on fbi satellites talking about it. >> it's the videotaped meeting
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where then county executive jack johnson is caught by federal agents accepting a $15,000 cash prize, boldly claiming that he's a target because of his color. >> like to try to put them in -- >> it is disgusting. >> reporter: some supporters say it's true, johnson was right. >> i think he was treated far more horribly. >> than he should be. >> the pastor compares his 7- year sentence to other maryland corruption cases, like former governor marvin man dell, who did just 13 months with his sentence commuted or former vice president and baltimore county executive spiro agnew, who got only promotion. in more recent times, disgraced congressman bob place is filling 17 months of a two-and- a-half year sentence. jack abram avenue did three years on a six-year term. all less than johnson, and all of them white. prosecutor rod rosensweig responded to the question after
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the sentencing. >> that's a bunch of nonsense, and i think you heard it from a man who has absolutely zero credibility, right? >> reporter: today noted expert paul butler at georgetown weighed in. >> there are racial disparities in criminal justice, especially with regard to drug crimes; but here i don't think mr. johnson has much of a case. he was caught red handed on fbi videotape saying and doing things that are clearly against the law. the judge could have sentenced him 14 years in prison, but the sentence is actually relatively lenient. he gets 7 years and a hundred thousand dollars bond. that doesn't sound like discrimination. >> reporter: also notes that the federal system has hard and fast sentencing guidelines. in the end judges just don't have a lot of direction about what sentences they give. in washington, scott broom, news now. >> leslie johnson will be sentenced on friday, and she faces up to 18 months in prison.
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today -- everyone scurrying like crazy. >> hysterical. i was thinking, what if the cold air rolled in. >> you're always thinking. >> because you want. >> yes, it is wrong. >> we have one more big slug of moisture to come in here, mostly in the form of rain. let's start with what happened in memphis today. no. that could be our version later tonight. not going to slow long. i would say, if the rain kicks the snow to rock to gaithersburg, only going to last an hour, maybe two hours, gaithersburg up toward fredrik. that's about it. it will be so warm it will stick to the grasses for the most part. let's start with live doppler. beginning to see some yellows appear, and that's heavier rain on the east side, 95 and around i-81 near hagerstown. so there's still plenty of energy and plenty of moisture for this system.
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no doubt about that. we have flood warnings in effect for most of the metro area. that means flooding is occurring. don't cross flooded streets by car or by foot. the watch continues until 8:00 tonight when we go into the winter mode. so easy commute. going to be a mess. flood warnings until 8 and then the winter weather advisory takes over. rain and snow briefly north and west of town. the commute should be fine. no problems for tomorrow morning. sunny. here's what happened on the future cast, snowing in hagerstown, almost snowing in fredrik, 9:00 in hagerstown. put this into motion. snowing in clarksburg, north of gaithersburg, up in montgomery county. rain around town. we advance it and by 12:15 it is gone. now this might be a little too quick, but you get the picture that south of town it won't have time to change. the moisture will pull out and east of 95 it won't have time to change. the moisture will pull out.
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we are looking for snow to go on at least through the morning hours on thursday out west of the divide. that's about it. brings back clouds on friday. not really sold on that. but the clouds will hold off until friday and. tonight, cloudy breezy and snow. changeover time 9 p.m., about 1 p.m. and lows 30 to 35. winds gusting northwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. some areas will flirt with the freezing mark tonight, 35 in gaithersburg, 35 downtown. 34 out toward bowie and up to the west, very close to freezing, maybe 32 in leesburg and about 32 also in manassas. so changeover time, 9:00 hagerstown, 10:00 fredricks and about 11:00 roswell. no changeover south and east of town . next 7 days. once we get through tonight we're in pretty good shape. in good shape on friday. then colder over the weekend. got the army navy game here on
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channel 9 and at fedex. it's going to be cold, high temperatures in the low 40s, back to the 40s on sunday. still in the 50s as we go into tuesday and wednesday of next week. and we keep it dry all seven days. stay with us through the night. >> oh, yeah. still ahead, a prominent school makes a controversial choice for its pearl harbor day lunch menu. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. coming up the gop front runners battle for votes in the nation's capital
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trying to stay above the fray, but now faces a serious challenge from newt gingrich.
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>> and i believe if president obama is reelected, that eight years of obama will truly make the country dramatically more difficult with dramatically greater problems. >> the former house speaker holds a double digit lead among iowa voters according to the latest cbs news new york times poll. the cbs poll also shows 7 out of 10 iowa republicans say the economy is the most important issue facing the country. >> all right. that was danielle gotting happen at the white house. now the cbs "new york times" poll has 31% of republican caucusgoers in iowa supporting gingrich and 16% picking ron paul. a fredricks county man accused of acting as an agent for the pakistani government while lobbying congress pleaded guilty today. prosecutors say he secretly received millions of dollars from pakistan's spy service at
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the same time they say he was working to influence congress and develop contacts at the state department. >> and the state department is ordering one washington embassy to stop the paving. talking about the embassy of the republic of congo. the embassy paved over the front yard back in december and then planning to build a circular drive there. they raised concerns about destroying trees among other issues, and now the state department is ordering the embassy to take, quote, "prompt corrective action." actor alec baldwin takes on american airlines. still ahead, the airline responds to the actor's tweets about why he was kicked off a flight in l.a. to new york city. >> coming up, d.c. workers conducting government business using the personal e-mails and cell phones. is it illegal? i'll have that story coming up.
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why is there so much controversy over with the first family's daughters are eating for lunch? i'm lindsay mathis in northwest washington. that story is coming up [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy.
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and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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primarily for flooding. not so much for snow. let's start with the warnings. there are warnings out, which means flooding is occurring in the district. prince george's county, fairfax, even into charles county. so take it seriously. if you come across a flooded street, do not cross it by car or by foot. now precipitationwise, we're not done with the heavy rain. we're going to see probably another inch of rain before all is said and done. snow making its way eastward, snowing in cumberland, snowing in oakland, about to snow in cumberland. we'll come back and say when it will snow in the metro area. a severe weather alert continues for flooding until midnight. all right. as we've been talking about, today marks the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. tonight the lunch menu at one local school sparked a massive debate on our wusa 9 web site and facebook page. we've gotten hundreds of comments from you debating the all asian food menu at schools.
5:30 pm
some are calling it disrespectful. others say this is a story much to do about nothing. we take a closer look. >> asian mushroom soup, oriental noodle salad. >> reporter: part of menu today. it's asian-inspired. >> this one is tofu and veggies. >> reporter: but on this day, the 70th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, some are calling the menu insensitive. spokesmanel ellis turner said the catering company that plans the menu does so randomly, adding this as was quote "unfortunate coincidence." after all kids have meals like this fairly often. but the question remains, is this menu insensitive? >> we went to the world war ii memorial to find out. >> there are people here trying to honor the men and women who
5:31 pm
last their lives on december 7th, 1941. >> well, we need to remember the sacrifice of the world war ii veterans. >> over and over again, we heard statements similar to tom helmandtoller. >> this is irrelevant. feeding kids a healthy diet to me. the war ended a long time ago. let's leave it over. >> reporter: also at the memorial, kyle and his group. they're from china. i asked him about the menu. he said -- >> it's chinese food. >> all chinese food? >> yeah. >> remember fortune cookie were invented in us of a. california to be exact. >> i hope they have good for chuns and enjoy the meal. >> in washington i'm lindsay mathis, 9 news now. >> if you would like to gin the conversation go to our web site, are you using your personal e-mail to sometimes conduct city, county, federal government business? the district's city financial
5:32 pm
officer admits there appears to be no written policy about it, although everybody degrees we need one. bruce johnson is on the story tonight, and, you know, it isn't necessarily on a lot if our radar screens. >> it applies to the county governments. it might even apply to the federal government. a lot of people say it may just be using what's in front of you. others say it's a blatant attempt to get around the media seeking freedom of information requests. >> reporter: who's using personal e-mails to conduct et government business these days? >> i don't know that it's happening in my administration. i don't do it. >> mayor says he doesn't do it. but the city's chief financial officer admitted in a deposition that he has used personal e-mail regularly to avoid having this correspondence included in the freedom of information requests from the media and public. >> we're going to review this. i mean, clearly i think the logical conclusion is that the city business should be conducted on city channels.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: outside one judiciaryiaryly square a dc employee said private cell phones and e-mails are used for city business. said the real question is, who doesn't do it? one city worker told us this and it's common practice, but another question is, is it illegal? >> we're going to have a written policy that tells people they should not be doing this, but it's not illegal. >> the attorney general says while it's not a crime it's not good policy and your personal e- mail and records are subject to the freedom of information law as used for city business. >> and doesn't have the effect of avoiding disclosure under the freedom of information act or litigation. >> really see this intently in the springtime when there are multiple investigations going on. >> reporter: dorothy brazil, watchdog of government affairs goes further and says some people may be avoiding on going investigations by ditching their government-issued phones and e-mail accounts.
5:34 pm
>> people have private e-mail accounts and private cell phone numbers, but they were asking people to call or contact them so it did not go through a government server so there would be no record of a conversation or the transaction. >> a footnote to this. jim graham tells the washington post that he routinely, every morning sends out e-mail on his personal web site and not using the government's e-mail. he said he didn't know that this was a violation of any kind of policy. as a matter of fact he's not even sure there is a policy. >> sounds like all of us need to get updated, because we've all done it from time to time. if the kroib is not working anything. it's a convenience thing. >> as you say, talking about all of the governments, maybe even the federal government. just do it without thinking. >> now we're thinking about it for sure. >> well, coming up on 9 news, why some california residents not so thrilled with the discovery channel's myth busters team right now. but up next eyewitness
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accounts of an incident of alec baldwin have baldwin ticket off at a flight with american airlines. we are always on on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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the actor tweeted he will never fly american again after he got kick off the flight yesterday. >> he wrote, quote, a flight attendant reamed me out with playing words with friends while we sat at the gate not moving. >> while turning off his devices. he just got a little angry.
5:39 pm
he was angry. didn't want to get off the phone, then snuck into the bathroom. he became irate. very rude. caused us to be delayed. not very considerate. just not a very unselfish man. >> the police weren't called. the airline released a statement today saying, quote, the passenger was extremely rude to the crew calling them inappropriate names and using defensive language. given the fact the passenger was removed the flight. some folks in california not so happy with producers of a show on the discovery channel called myth busters. that's because one of their experiments ended with a cannon ball causing destruction. it whizzed across the bedroom of a couple sleeping in it at the time. it didn't stop there. the cannon ball bounced across
5:40 pm
lanes of a highway and smashed into somebody's minivan. >> it was a good 5, 10 inches. >> this particular myth was to see if other materials could be fired out of a cannon and be as effective. >> didn't work out. instead the myth busters found out how effective a cannon ball can be when it misses its target. somehow things went ary. >> unbelievable. let's talk about the rain or snow. the rain is the biggest for the next several hours. starting to snow now almost in cumberland. we'll tell you when the changeover occurs looking over to the weekend. first off tablets are not just for big kids anymore. up next, which popular children's version state farm. this is jessica.
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it's not the only device that is the apple of consumers' eye. the popular ipad touch and iphone are on the top of their list. and if the cost does not fit into your gift-giving budget there are a bunch of tablets made for young children that may be priced just right. tonight we saw just four of
5:45 pm
them. say "cheese." >> to pictures and played with the tablets for several days. >> they mimic tablet computers, but they don't have as many features, and don't have access to the internet. a good thing, but that means parents will have to help. >> testers evaluated the tablets in the lab. they used this device to make sure they stay on in order to measure the battery life. the tablets display quality and ease of use were also evaluated. da vinci for ages four and under, has the best display, touch-screen interface and the large -- those details aren't the only reason it stood out. >> da vinci did well in our test, but our model cost $480. that's a lot of money to spend on a device for a toddler. >> for far less, the ino --
5:46 pm
gets high marks. it has a smaller screen and hard drive, but loaded with features, like an art studio, e- reader and mp3 player. >> wow. >> the crowd pleaser turned out to be the $100 explorer, also for ages 4 to 9. its camera, photo editing feature had kids beaming. >> the fourth tablet, fisher- price's system didn't have as many fans, but apparently got a long battery life, 13 hours, longer than most tablets for adults. the battery life for the other tablets range from 3 to 7 hours. a tablet may not this the only thing on your child's wish list. hi there, and sage is one of the -- she talks, tells jokes. we're going to say, "dance with me. dance with me." >> it doesn't work.
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she always blames me and then they all work. >> "dance with me." >> "what do you want to do now? >> "dance with me. >> i'll dance with you. >> oh, okay. >> because obviously the robot is not going to do it. >> you want to dance to your music or mine? >> mine. >> okay, derek. any way, this is for friends who are five and up. you can find sage and the other visit friends for around $150. note to self, if i ever do these segments again, i do not want to be standing next to derek. >> why do i get the blame? >> i don't know what you're doing to my toys. >> you can go out and buy the friends in the stores. >> you can't find them online -- you're so hot we can't find online.
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>> no time to sleep in the weather department. >> we are looking at all kinds of warnings and advisories, and let's start -- the threat of heavy rain is the main threat. we'll start with live doppler 9000. some of the rains increase in intensity, what we don't need for this rush hour. mainly green, seeing yellows first, especially east of i-95. we left the temperatures on as well, done to 46 in leesburg, and down to 45 in between hagerstown and winchester and 43 up around hagerstown. the rain is going to continue. until. that's in place for a winter weather advisory which starts from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. starts earlier to the west and then 7, 9:00 as you work your way eastward. montgomery county north and
5:49 pm
west, and louden county north and west. the white you see is the winter storm warning for our friend on the other side of the divide. here's a look at the radar. you can see the changeover beginning to occur. all of garrett county is snow and western sections of allegheny county is snow. anybody driving over mountains going to go from an into a whiteout. we still have the moisture. you see that moisture? this is going race up here, and it is going to get heavier before it moves out. believe me. 52 downtown, but 46 in fredrik and 45 in martinsburg. so the story, evening commute a mess. winter weather advisory tonight. rain and snow briefly north and west. the good news -- there is a silver lining, thursday's commute will be fine in terms of weather. no problems at all. tonight snow in fredrik, almost to gaithersburg. put this into motion. by 11:45. it lifts out. it moves.
5:50 pm
by the time the cold air gets here we won't be left with any moisture. storms depart and cold air moves in. it may be longer than this in 12:30 or 1:00. any way it's again by the wee hours of the morning leaving us with a quiet albeit chilly thursday morning commute. you'll need a coat and sunglasses. wow won't need a shovel or anything like that. clouds come back, more so in the and as a center approaches from the west. the cold front will move through dry as we get into friday night. for tonight, though, cloudy, breezy and cold, rain and snow north and west of i-95. changeover, lows wean 30 and 35. some folks flirt with the freezing mark tonight. gaithersburg above it, 33, 34 in rocksville, 35 downtown. maybe 33 out toward arresten. the next days, chilly in the wake of the storm. 45 tomorrow, near 50 on friday
5:51 pm
with a cold front and that's kind of these clouds. what that cold front will do, usher in cold air for the weekend. we have the army navy game at fedex on channel 9. bundle up if you're going. upper 40s on sunday, and then flirting with 50 and still dry monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week . so all in all, gets through the next 6 or 7 hours. it will be fun. now 9 sports with christianer have received, the best sports in town. >> as the redskins prepare for their tough test, testify to figure out how to pull off the upset without two of their key offensive players. >> fred davis and trebt williams apologized to their fellow teammates wednesday morning after failing drug tests and getting suspended the rest of the season. >> a tough pill to swallow. you want the guys to be on the field. because of the choices they made, we're not going to have. >> they apologized to me. i'm saying we play a team sport
5:52 pm
when we need them. yes, we do need them, but they deal with it more than me. >> more roster shuffling, something that's back all too familiar were the skins this season. >> i mean, it's frustrating, because you see so much -- at the beginning of the season. >> but this provides the perfect opportunity for many of the young guys to showcase their talent and prove they belong. >> it hurts, but guys have to step up, and, you know, take the role. >> the person, player i am, coming in here and working, you know, i just look at it as, you know, another opportunity. >> with the drama behind, the redskins can focus on sunday. they're facing their toughest opponent, tom brady and his high powered offense. the redskins look to keep it that way. >> we have to be sharp, do a
5:53 pm
real good job of moving the chains and having some long scoring drives. >> definitely going to be a battle, going to be tough to go out and get a win; through like i said, one thing about the men in this locker room, they're going to fight, not going to quit. >> coming up later in sports, we'll have more reaction from teammates on moving forward without them, plus the capitals and turps in action looking to rebound. i'm kristener have received. over to you. still to come, it is the first debate in a race that's already neck and neck. what george alvin and sin cane had to say to each other and the state of virginia today. >> i'm kristen at the armed forces retirement home in washington. on the 70th anniversary of pearl harbor. one of the veterans hat lives here is a 94-year-old survivor. yet he remembers it like it was yesterday. hear for yourself coming up. and up next, could you be your own best defense against breast cancer? the results of a new study and
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what women can do after the break.
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not smoking, limiting alcohol use and unnecessary x- rays. >> when off little pain in your side you want to go get a ct scan, those are the things we can make a difference by just avoiding that excess radiation unnecessarily. >> the report said it's still not clear whether many chemicals of concern in our environment including pesticides, ingredients in cosmetics and dietaryly supplements raise the risk for breast cancer. jennifer is concerned about all the chemicals she uses as a hairdresser. she sees prevention specialists to learn how to reduce her own risk factors and how to have her breasts removed as a precaution. >> i'm going to do everything i
5:58 pm
can and fight for mousse and my children. >> have to with that kind of family history. >> the report says maintaining a healthy weight and exercising can lower a women's cancer risk. >> this is 9 news now. >> all right. now the heavy rains in our area have chief meteorologist tom p pershet declaring today a -- i think we're looking at a half an inch, an inch of rain. let's start with the warnings, and this is for water, not for snow. this is for liquid. flood warnings in effect for most of the metro area until 8:00. that's when the light green and the dark green will continue until about 8:00 or 7:00 depending on how far west you are. that will be replaced with a winter weather advisory. look at the moisture still south of us, going to stream up here. some very heavy just south of charlotteville on the east side of 90 south of d.k.
5:59 pm
notice the changeover occurring moving from west to east. not from hagerstown. temps are in the 50s downtown, but seeing some cold air move. in 46 in gaithersburg, fredrik, 37 in cumberland and 30 out in oakland. we'll come back and detail when the times are, what city you live in, and when to expect the rain to go to snow. what that means for your morning commute. >> with all this rain out there, please beware there is pounding or should i say ponding on the roads, and a lot of communities are still in the midst of picking up those leaves, and that means those leaves can be covering a storm drain. also means slippery leaves. so please drive, even walk safely. >> that said if you see high water, send us your storm report. up load photos, video at tonight jerry sandusky is behind bars. today officers arrested the former penn


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